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There are many errors in the merit badge requirements. A correction is in progress.

There is one common type of failure that we need to look for. It occurs when a JavaScript loop iterates over inherited properites. The result is additional list entries that do not belong. On the screen, a list will have ten or more additional entries. The fix is easy enough, but the difficulty is in finding every one. Let me know if you find one.


The 0.10 release needs to be thoroughtly tested before units can use it on a live site. This is best done with more users than just the developer. If you want to help this effort, consider registering with the project on Sourceforge and helping identify bugs.

When logging a report, include the folowing information, if it is available.


Add the field name_legal to the scouts table. Having the legal name captured in a single field is more reliable than concatenating first_name / middle_name / last_name.

There will surely be additional reports and data entry recommendations, once users begin to use it. The modular nature of BSAdv make it easy to add tasks.

We need the Boy Scouts of America to allow computer updates from BSAdv to the Council advancement database (Internet Advancement).

Other Types of Units

Plans exist for converting BSAdv for use by Cub Scouts and other types of groups. The first step is to separate the advancement and merit badge databases from the BSAdv software. This will allow them to be updated separately. Next, the Cub Scout (or other group) advancement data needs to be mapped to the Boy Scout tables, and parallel update paths defined for the Cub Scout advancement updates. The different terminology used in the web pages for Cub Scouts will be implemented with translation files. Stay tuned. This will be interesting.

Get Boy Scout Advancement at Fast, secure and Free Open Source software downloads

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