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Installation is done through the Joomla web site back-end. At this time, installation is a one-step process. Future releases will separate program installation and update from BSA data installation and update.

  1. Download the zip file
  2. Install BSAdv. From the Joomla backend, Extension Manager:
    1. Go to Extensions, Extension Manager.
    2. Click Install if it is not already selected.
    3. Browse to and select the zip file.
    4. Click Upload and Install
  3. Configure BSAdv. This defines information unique to your unit.
    1. If you are not already at the BSAdv Manager, select Components, then BSAdv.
    2. Select Options.
    3. Enter information in each tab:
      1. Unit - Unit identification information.
      2. Display - Controls how some information is displayed on web pages. You can skip this until later, if you want.
      3. Storage - You may never need to change these.
      4. Youth Protection - If there is some Scout information that you want to leave off your site, then this is where you control it.
      5. Permissions - BSAdv has defined multiple actions, each of which can read information from or write information to the BSAdv database. Here is where you assign groups of web site users access to these actions.
  4. Define menus. There are three main access points to the BSAdv component. You will probably want menu entries for each of them. They are defined in your web site back end.
    1. Records. This is the main page to read Scout advancement status. You do not need to call the menu item 'Records', but it is a concise description. The menu item should point to
      You may choose Public or Registered access for this menu item. At the bottom of this page, we have initially displayed links to these three entry points. These are useful until you have your menus defined. After then, you can eliminate these links by a checkbox in the 'Options' section of the BSAdv back end.
    2. Reports. This is a list of read-only web pages. Again, you can call this something other than 'Reports'. The menu should should point to
      This shouod be limited to 'Registered' web site users.
    3. Edit This is a list of pages to edit advancement and personal data for Scouts and adults. The menu should point to
      This should be limited to 'Registered' or to a more restrictive group than 'Registered'.
  5. VERY IMPORTANT: Define who can access the information on your site. The restrictions that we placed on the menu items above just limited who can see the menu items. We need to limit access to all of the BSAdv web pages. BSAdv categorizes access to the database into six 'Actions'. Your web site aministrator defines multiple groups of users. Each of these groups has specific access rights to the Joomla database, including BSAdv data. In the BSAdv options section of the web site back end, the web site administrator assigns one or more access rights (Actions) to one or more user groups. For more details, see the Youth Protection section.
  6. VERY IMPORTANT: Test the menu and access controls that you have defined. Make sure that the only people with access to your unit's data are the ones that you have allowed. Only when you are convinced that the web site access controls are working correctly, should you enter data about your Scouts and adults.
  7. Enter unit data.
  8. Get Boy Scout Advancement at Fast, secure and Free Open Source software downloads

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